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Audio Prankster Pro!

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Written with Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean in mind -- we work hard to make sure our apps are fully compatible with the latest and greatest Android operating systems!Inspired by the classic ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron, Audio Prankster turns your handset into a madness-inducing audio pranking device. Unlike other audio pranking apps that play continuously until they're found, Audio Prankster has been designed to generate chaos all day long.
At random intervals between 1 and 10 minutes, one of twelve terrible ear-splitting sounds will erupt from your phone. The sound will play just long enough to drive everyone crazy...but not long enough for anyone to discover where it's coming from!
Audio Prankster's "set and forget" execution makes it perfect for the workplace. Heading to a meeting? People will be hard pressed to discover the source of that terrible electronic shrieking is actually the unattended phone locked up in your desk.
Audio Prankster works in the background, allowing you to you use your phone for other things while it works its magic. People won't suspect you if you're only seen doing mundane things with your phone like browsing the internet. Had enough pranking? Just open the app back up and press the big red button to turn it off.
Choose from one of twelve truly aggravating sounds! One sound at a time not enough? Set it to random! Too loud? We've included a volume adjustment slider so you can make that fire alarm sound like it's coming from the office next door.
Don't want to wait for the sounds to go off on their own? Audio Prankster Pro! has a powerful sound preview function, allowing you to play any sound at any time.
Please keep in mind that the volume of the sounds produced are dependent upon your hardware. Some phones will be louder than others, but the handsets we have tested have produced fantastic results!
Believe it or not, this app may be too LOUD for some handsets! If the higher pitched sounds seem to play at lower frequencies, you may be overloading your speaker. Try turning the volume down a few percent. If that doesn't work, a quick reset should put everything back in order!